I can feel it occasionally.

The feeling of home.

I can sense it in the strums of a guitar. In the smell of newly cut grass.

Like a recurring dream, one sense can take me to the point that holds my most prized memories.

The place where the stars are most elegant.

Where my spirit can rest.

Home. My home.

My mark of heaven here on this Earth.

Where the orange wild lilies bloom along the tracks.

The cold touch of a rain-soaked porch pressed against bare feet.

The rolling dust lifting from the gravel road.

The aching creak of old stairs.

The rustle of the wind running its fingers through the leaves of the old oaks and maples.

The aroma of brewing coffee bringing back memories of countless meals eaten at a table created by my own father’s calloused and considerate hands.

The howling train rolling through the night, waking me from my faraway dreams, then lulling me back to sleep.

I could find my way back to that old house, colored by butterfly bushes, in the dead of night.

Like a magnetic pull of twists and turns that is buried so deep within myself, like I was born with these directions to home.

My home.

When I breathe in that Indiana air, my heart pulses with the rhythm of “Here is where I’m meant to be”.

Where a portion of me will remain for my children, and my children’s children.

Where my blood runs strong and my roots run deep.

Even when I’m not planted on that rich, clay soil, I can feel it.

The tiny fragment of me that I left on that plot of country land, tugging at my every instinct, emphasizing where I’m from and what I will always have.


My home.



Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hello all. I’m happy to announce that I have received a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I’m so excited about this because this nomination comes from other bloggers in the great big blogosphere. I was nominated by That Free-Spirited Blog, and I’m flattered that I was even thought of. It reminds me of so many other blogs out there that I would love to help get them some more recognition. But first, I must do my part of answering the questions that I received from That Free-Spirited Blog. Continue reading Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Three Things Thursday

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I’ve had a pretty bad case of the cold season running through my house. We have used more tissues, Benadryl, and coffee these past few days than I even feel comfortable posting online.  And let me tell you, coffee and Benadryl together sends you into some sort of delusion where you’re incapable of falling asleep but your brain has officially died and went to heaven ten minutes after you took the pill. It made for some interesting mornings. Continue reading Three Things Thursday

Police Blotter

One of the greatest parts of living in a small town is that there is very little news to fill an entire newspaper; therefore, they have to get a little creative with what goes in the paper. We get a weekly paper every Wednesday and I find myself quickly searching for the police and court news. It never fails to enrich my life with some sort of amazing sentence in the police blotter. Here is the winner this week:

Now if that doesnt make you feel better about your own mental health I dont know what would.

Sunday Prep-Day

Sunday marks the beginning of a fresh new week. You can wake up, have some coffee, read the paper, and stare at the 10,000 feet of snow in your backyard.

Once you’re done crying over the snow you can really focus on what Sunday can bring to the table. Sunday can become the Holy Grail of the week. The day that makes all the other days worth living. The day that saves you hours throughout the rest of the week. Sunday can be your prep-day that allows you to be focused on what’s most important throughout the rest of the week, food family. Below I’ve listed an entire outline of what you can do on Sunday to make the rest of your week sail by without a hitch.  Continue reading Sunday Prep-Day

New Year, New Resolutions!

Sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve wrote a blog post! I have had a crazy few days/weeks with the move to Montana. We are still looking at another week or so of going back and forth before we will be 100% moved in. But considering that today is New Years Eve and all, I thought that a blog post was in order.

I love creating New Years resolutions. It’s a good time for some self-reflection. I just don’t like making resolutions that make me feel bad about myself. In other words, my resolutions don’t revolve around how much I weigh, what I don’t like about myself, or what I wish that I had. Instead, I like to make resolutions that will enrich my life and my family’s lives. I have really pondered what I wanted to reach for this year, but it seems that all of my resolutions have come looking for me instead of the other way around. Here are my resolutions: Continue reading New Year, New Resolutions!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas makes me all nostalgic. It makes me want to write long letters to all my loved ones about how amazing they are. Normally New Years is when people look back at all the amazing things that have or haven’t happened throughout the year, but as I sit here with my family watching Christmas movies I can’t help but think of how many wonderful people I have in my life. Continue reading Merry Christmas!

The Tooth Fairy

Sassy is slowly starting to lose her baby teeth. So far there have been two that have slipped out during toast and while trying to open a plastic bag with her teeth. Sassy seems to have teeth that can hold on for dear life for DAYS past they should. I would more than happily help her take them out but between my child crying because she’s afraid it will hurt and my husband running in the opposite direction with ears covered and eyes closed screaming “TELL ME WHEN IT’S OVER”, I’ve found it’s best to just let them fall out. She just lost tooth #2 a few days ago and was crazy pumped about the idea of being able to drink with a straw through her large opening from two missing teeth. Continue reading The Tooth Fairy

10 Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water each day is important for so many reasons. We need it for all sorts of bodily functions, from digestion to maintaining your body’s correct temperature. You perform better as an individual when you’re fully hydrated. You’re more awake and alert, you’re less hungry, your metabolism is at it’s best, your brain works better and faster, you flush toxins from your body, your skin’s appearance is fresher and brighter, and you’re functioning to your full potential. Whew. Continue reading 10 Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated